The BioLevitator™ |

Global Cell Solutions (GCS) has joined forces with Hamilton to develop and deploy automated 3D cell culture globally. Bearing fruit of this collaboration, the BioLevitator™ brings the engineering and automation expertise of Hamilton together with Global Cell Solutions' unique approach to cell culture.

The BioLevitator™ brings the convenience of three-dimensional cell culture process to the bench-top for the first time. Research organizations are assured more control to maintain and passage multiple cell lines through a low-shear process within a temperature and CO2 controlled chamber. Engineered to magnetically maneuver Global Eukaryotic Microcarrier (GEM™) technology from Global Cell Solutions, the BioLevitator™ facilitates nutrient and gas exchange, while monitoring the culture process real time. In addition, it minimizes the number of manual intervening steps and maintenance required, reducing contamination risks and increasing walk-away time. The BioLevitator™ utilizes the magnetic Global Eukaryotic Microcarrier (GEM™) technology from Global Cell Solutions, and integrates the relevance of 3D cell culture to the convenience of microcarrier culture.

The BioLevitator™ is ideal for:

• Culturing difficult cells, e.g. primary and stem cells
• Revolutionizing your cell culture workflow
• Providing better cellular models for cell-based applications
• Improving consistency of cell-based assays
• Scaling-up to the drug discovery process.

Use with GEM™ Cell Culture Substrate

The BioLevitator is optimized for culturing cells on the GEM™. The GEM™ is a modern microcarrier available with various specialized coatings capable of supporting ultra high-density culture and cryopreservation of many cell types, including primary and stem cells.


The intelligent design provides convenient access to all electronic and disposable components to simplify maintenance and sterilization. In addition, electronics and mechanical components are enclosed, protecting them from accidental spills.

Precise Environmental Control

The compact incubator chamber is designed to monitor and maintain CO2 and temperature during cell expansion. Culture Reports, including metrics such as pH, can be viewed real-time or exported for records or compliance.

“Walk-away” Time

The BioLevitator™ is able to reduce your activities maintaining cell cultures, instead allowing focus on value-added research and discovery.
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